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77 = the amount of hydration in our dough

72 = hours our dough is cold fermented

12 = hours our dough is warm fermented

11 = the times our dough is "folded" by hand in between 30 min. resting periods

Mangia ² = Mangia Squared = Mangia Mangia !

Anyone who is Italian, has been to Italy or has had Italian friends...knows, that when food has been prepared for this exact moment in time ... with care ... patience ... love ... and passion ... you tell everyone to come to the table by saying "mangia mangia" ("eat eat") 

For Italians, we don't start a conversation with "how was your day"... we start with "what did you eat today?"

Food is the most important thing. It is eaten while the most important conversations of your life will take place. It is what gives your body, not only nutrients and energy, but dictates the lifestyle you live. 

oh, and our pizzas... they're shaped in  squares..just to keep the whole square idea going :)

To get the ² symbol from your keyboard:

Hold "ALT" + "0178" 

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