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Monica Dito
Owner of Mangia²

My Story

Monica Dito was born, and raised in Richmond, CA.  Monica’s culinary influence originated from her Italian and French background, and travels throughout Europe.  Monica successfully owned and managed, a gourmet Italian restaurant located in the East Bay area, before moving to Europe, where she spent 10 years honing her craft.  Now back in California, she enjoys spending time with her family and is proud to bring this authentic, Italian flavored pizza to the hungry masses of Benicia and the SF Bay Area.

Stay Tuned for her blog, which will tell all about her start-up business and the adventures along the way.  

In English, the Italian phrase “Mangia” means “Eat". Pronounced: Man-Juh. 

And the word “Squared” refers to multiplying a number by itself, and the shape of our handmade pizza.  So Mangia Squared is "MANGIA MANGIA"..... or....“EAT EAT”. 
Us Italians are usually eating, and if we aren’t eating, then definitely talking about it, with our hands in the air.  Speaking of hands, we also use our hands to mold our pillow-y, fresh dough into the crisp and airy base for us to top with only the freshest local organic ingredients.  Hungry yet..?!  Come find our pizza food trailer in Benicia and other locations in Solano County.... and Enjoy.

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