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The Start

This is where my dream started... A small italian flavored coffee shop, selling pastries and artisan pizza in downtown Benicia. But with limited location options because I needed a small space / pre-existing food establishment, I moved to option B...

A food truck was too massive and a big financial risk. So, I went with a compact Food Trailer !! But with no employees, the service time would have been too long for specialty coffees. Without coffee, there is no pastries, so i stuck with the artisan Pizza.

Mangia Mangia !! Pizza Pizza !!

Napolean, wood-fire pizza ovens heat up to almost 1000 degrees farenheit, and would be a bigger liablility for a pizza trend that is starting to lose it's spark. So I tried Focaccia.. Detroit-Style...Sicilian-Style...Barese...Al Talgio...Frittata...Romana Tonda... to name a few. The dough would be a canvas to create fresh, local, organic, trendy and unique works of art. It had to be perfect! So I got to work and started making pizza doughs from scratch. I tried the various styles, heating methods, and elements, temperatures, timing, techniques, fermentation processes, thickness, crust and how my stomach feels after over-eating.

Results are IN !!

I created a Sicilian-Style Pizza with influences of Al Taglio, Detroit, Focaccia, Frittata and Barese. This pizza is shaped in perfect squares with a crisp crust, cloud-like dough that's substantial yet delicate. With over 42 hours of fermenting, this dough has already done its' expanding (so it won't expand in your stomach). Which means you could eat all you want without that bloated feeling that comes after eating too many slices.

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